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Historical and religious sites

Historical trail comprising Lalibela is the most popular one among people visiting Ethiopia. The programme comprises visiting of all the most important and interesting places in the northern part of Ethiopia. They include such places as charming palaces in Gonder, granite stelae in Aksum and rocks hewn churches in Lalibela (sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world). The programme comprises also seeing waterfalls on the Blue Nile and cruise trip on Tana lake to cloisters covered with beautiful frescos... itinirary

Omo Valley Tribes

Ethiopia encounters more than 80 ethnic tribe groups. The Omo Valley is a melting pot of cultures that have tried to keep untouched their traditions for generations up to our days. In addition, you can enjoy the abundant wildlife...

Trekking In Simien Mountains

The simine mountaines is one of Africa's Largest ranges , studded with at least a dozen peakes topping the 4000m mark.these include Ras Dashen(also spelt ras dejen) , the higest point in ethiopia and possibly the fourth highest peak in Africa.The western side of the range , excluding Ras Dashen , was designated as the simine mountains National Park , and the entire range was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1979....

Harar And Eastern Ethiopia

The tour to the Eastern part of Ethiopia will take you through the savannah to reach Awash National Park, where you will be able to spot wildlife and nature, and continue to Dire Dawa, important link to Djibouti in other times and...

Danakil Depression

This program is designed to admire the natural beauty of the Afar Triangle (also called the Afar Depression or the Danakil Depression) is a geological depression that is caused by the Afar Triple Junction which is part of the Great Rift Valley. The Afar Triangle includes the Danakil Depression and the lowest point in Africa, Lake Asal (155 metres / 509 feet below sea level);...

Tigray Rock Hewen churchs

The Northern region of Tigray is the perfect scenario to enjoy an unforgettable trekking day along the sandstone ridges with astounding views through the Gueralta valley. Climbing up to the rock-hewn churches will take you back to the 4th century. On your way, you will witness age-old farming practices while surrounded by gelada baboons or birds of prey. Be enchanted by the beauty and serenity of this area owned by proud people about their history and culture.